4000AD: 1-Bit Hardware Album (Revision 2)

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4000AD is a tiny, 4-track, embedded, 1-bit, progressive rock/jazz/classical album-on-a-chip. Each track is synthesised in real-time by an Atmega328 microcontroller and is a fun exercise in both low-memory programming and 1-bit music.

The album consists of five tracks, is around 25KB in size and lasts for twenty-four minutes.

Please visit https://protodome.com/4000AD/ for assembly instructions, more information and a bonus tune.

See the revision 1 hardware in action!

Artwork by Marianne Charlotte Art.

Operational instructions:

  • To increase volume, twist the dial clockwise. To decrease volume, twist the dial counterclockwise.
  • When the on switch is pointing to the ‘OFF’ text, the device is powered off. When the switch is pointing toward the ‘ON’ text, the device is powered on.
  • To advance the track, the device should be switched off, then on. After reaching track five, the device will return to track one.
  • If treated correctly, the device should work in temperatures between -55℃ to +125℃ and will continue to be operational for up to 100 years at 25℃. The electrolytic capacitor technically only has a guaranteed lifetime of only two years but, if you’re not worried about the DC offset, you can simply bridge the connections across the capacitor and enjoy a century of tiny music!

Please read the following instructions to ensure safe operation of the 4000AD hardware:

  • The hardware is designed to drive low impedance headphones only – use with amplifiers, soundcards, super-fancy headphones and other outboard gear is certainly possible, but has not been throughly tested, nor electronically protected against. In short, this totally works, but do this at your own risk.
  • Although unlikely, it is possible to short circuit the device by placing conductive material on its surface. This can lead to over-heating and, potentially, damage to the device and materials around it. Please ensure that no conductive materials (such as: aluminium, water, carbon nanotubes or super-cooled compounds like bismuth strontium calcium copper oxide and yttrium barium copper oxide) are touching the top of the device. With this in mind, when transporting the device, it is advised that the battery is removed.
  • When operating the device with any new set of headphones attached, please switch on the device with the volume turned completely counter-clockwise. As the device is designed to drive headphones, it can be quite loud on those headphones with lower impedance. It is better to start the volume low, then adjust to your comfort level.
  • I am not responsible for any damage to any equipment, your ears, or anything else bad that might happen when using this music box. Don’t let this worry you though, it poses the same risk as a simple LCD digital watch – just bigger and more intimidating.

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2 reviews for 4000AD: 1-Bit Hardware Album (Revision 2)

  1. protodome

    This is a very good product. I am very biased.

  2. Matt (verified owner)

    Assembled today. Pumping out the tracks!

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